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Glass Gardens

General care: 

Succulents are well adapted to live in arid (dry) conditions but do need some moisture for good growth. Other plants such as mosaic plant and frosty ferns live in more humid conditions and enjoy to have their leaves gently misted with water with a spray bottle and this could be once a day if very dry conditions are present (i.e. in winter homes).

First and foremost, do NOT over-water!!! This is especially important with plants potted in a bowl with no drainage holes.

If in doubt:

1) look at the soil through the glass bowl; most often, you can see how dry the soil has become. If it is dark and still looks moist, it is better to water very lightly. With practice, you will learn to recognize what the soil looks like when wet, damp and dry.

2) weight the bowl; with practice, you will be able to tell if your plant needs water by judging if it weighs more or less when wet/dry.

3) touch the soil; with your finger, prod the soil and test for dampness. You may have to move some sand, pebbles or gravel to test the substrate.

Try to water around each plant rather than all over the surface of the planter. This is best achieved using a small watering can with a long thin spout as it allows for more control, sending water to the roots.

Spray misting is very effective at delivering water to your plants. You can mist the soil around the plants in the same manner you would use a watering can, but with the added control of how much water you want add.
Some plants like frosty fern or mosaic plant enjoy a good mist on the foliage because they grow in humid conditions.

Think of giving your plants a sip rather than a soak!

You should place your garden under bright lights or a bright window where they will receive about 6 hrs + a day of good light. Be careful of placing in a spot where it will be too long in direct sun as it might scorch the plants.

Some examples of  my mini glass gardens!

African spears, Crassula, Frosty Fern, Creeping Sedum

Mix of mosaic plant, creeping sedum, hens n chickens, burrow's tail

Mix of aloe,variegated baby sunrose, dunce cap and hen n chickens

Bulk order of glass bowl gardens
Mix of burrow's tails, hens n chickens, creeping sedum, gasteria or haworthia

Mix of burrow's tails, hens n chickens, creeping sedum, mistletoe cactus, gasteria or haworthia