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Friday, March 13, 2009

White cat painting-update

Click image to view full size:

Here is a slightly "larger than life" image of my latest commission. This cat pastel painting was done on white Hahnemuhle velour paper. The original portrait shown below is too white so I decided to have the light source coming from the side to create a shadow on the face.

I really enjoyed creating this piece as it was the first time I used white velour paper and I was anxious to try it. I could have also used a light grey paper instead of the white.


  1. Collette, thanks for commenting on my blog.

    For me, the best part about blogging is seeing an artist such as yourself develop an idea from start to finish. I enjoy reading about artists' thought processes and decisions regarding composition, materials used, etc., and I'm pleased to be able to join you on the ride. I'm not a cat lover, but yours looks about as good as a cat can!

  2. This turned out beautiful, Colette! I like how you added the shadows, good choice!

  3. Well done Colette, I am impressed with how you changed the direction of the shadow, really makes the piece.

  4. Thank you everybody! This was my first shot at white velour and must say I didn't like it as much as when using darker colors. But I am pleased with how it turned out and I hope the client likes it too!