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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Family Outing-Trumpeter Swan painting

After much time spent scanning this painting (in many many sections!), I am finally able to post an image of the final piece. So here is the trumpeter family leisurely swiming by the bank, all the while keeping a safe distance from the humanly observer on shore.
A sincere thank you for all those who commented on the updates for this painting.


  1. This is really beautiful, Colette! I love the bright blue and the soft brown of the shore.

  2. This is beautiful. You did a fantastic job on the water. Makes me want to do a water scene!

  3. I think you did an excellent job. Been waiting to see it finished.
    Good work.
    Be interesting to see how you do handle the squirrel and sap bucket. I have a good friend in Vermont who did one of my pack trips in Wilderness pleine aire painting who sends me maple syrup yearly. It sure doesn't last long. Was talking with some friends just yesterday about that and somehow the question was about maple syrup in Pennsylvania and someone else asked about Maple syrup being produced in Canada. I supposed it is and I'm guessing this attempy by you makes that fact true?

  4. Thanks everybody! I'm glad it turned out ok. I was getting tired of using so much blue pastel and so now my next painting has many reds, oranges and browns. I'm sure at the end I'll be tired of those colors too.
    Gary, many decidous forests of Norther Canada are renowned for producing maple syrup. I'm not certain but I believe Quebec followed by Ontario produce the most. Here, in the Sudbury area, there is only one small local sugarbush wich has only about 4000 trees. It is a very small operation and currently taps only 1000 trees and so does not produce commercialy. However, us locals get to sample the syrup and taffy on snow! Vermont syrup is awesome...we brought some back last summer and want to get more as it is less expensive.

  5. I have just found your site. What incredibly beautiful work! I'll be following with great interest. Best thoughts from the brush. doris