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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Red Squirrels in Maple bush-update on painting

Due to numerous request by fellow artist, I have included a step by step process of how I work pastels on velour paper. This method I have devised (although I am certain others have discovered it way before I have!) is very useful when one cannot trace or transfer outlines on the work surface. It is quicker and less messy than using the grid or projection method and is perfect for retaining proportions.

The first step in transfering the image to the velour board is to print out the mock image in outline format (Photoshop) in b/w. In this case, due to the larger size, I had to print the image in four sections and tape them together.
The second step involves cutting out contrasting shapes and outlines that define each subject or area to be drawn. As you progressively cut out each area, you trace the outline using a graphite pencil or dark pastel pencil.
Below, the outline is clearly visible and I even started drawing a small area of the painting.
This piece I consider moderately busy (more than I am used to) due to the many trees and branches intertwining everywhere and to make it worse, tons of dead leaves on the ground. I plan on working this piece in many smaller sections and continue on methodically in this fashion until all sections are finished and the masterpiece is revealed. And so that is the plan...

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  1. I would never have thought of the cutting out method at all! I actually measure my images and work like an architect! I'm wondering if this would be easier, I may pinch your idea Colette!