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Friday, August 14, 2009

Back on track after a trip to Whiteface Mountaint, NY!!

I had a wonderful time in the little town of Wilmington located near Lake Placid, NY, enjoying summer weather (finally), biking, hiking and horseback riding the mountains. It was nice to have a break but I am also happy to be back home painting/drawing again. I have so many beautiful reference photographs to work with that it is hard for me to decide which ones to start with first!
Recently, I was able to wrap up to pieces, the red trillium painting as well as the flat coated retriever drawing commission within just 2 days. It feels really good when I complete a painting or drawing, giving me a sense of accomplishment, especially when it is a commission and the client is waiting anxiously to receive his/her portrait.

And so here are the latest right off the easel...

8"x10"-8b pencil enhanced with colored pencil

Red Trillium-6"x8"-pastel on Colorfix sandpaper


  1. Wonderful artworks! I had already commented on the Trillium before, but want to say again how very beautiful it is.

    The combo of graphite with cp works really well, and I think this dog portrait is just gorgeous! I'll have to experiment with this combination one day too. Really like the look of it.

    Good work as always! ;o )

  2. the trillium is very beautiful and the dog portrait is a great piece.