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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I just can't help it...

Aww, I just felt like working on something other than the cow moose painting so it is now hiden behind protective foam core until I get inspired to work on it again. And so this is the newest composition I have come up with. I have yet to find a title for the piece but I have an idea what I want, just can't find the words!!

After browsing through about a hundred or so deer photos I felt this was to be the one I get to paint. I love the fact that the deer seems attentive to something beyond the canvas, leaving it to the viewer to determine what it is that could be alerting her so. I also liked the backdrop and the lighting but I anticipate that I will get bored of green pastel!!


  1. It's a beautiful photo Colette but, thinking back to your squirrel painting, it does have that "dead maple leaf" factor which almost certainly means you'll tire of green pastel and give up on it! Have you thought about outsmarting yourself and changing the green background to another colour?

  2. Oh, you are so right Peter. I did think alot about that but I loved the greenery so much as it reminded me of the beautiful forests we visited in Florida. Maybe I'll be thinking differently as the work progresses. Ha. I hope not. I can always start another...eech.