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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Back from painting weekend!!

After 2 days of painting, drawing and sketching with members of the Sudbury Art Club at Fielding Park, I feel exhilarated and refreshed. Two of us also spent many hours walking the woodland trails, photographing any bird, animal or scene that caught our eye.

The lighting this time of year is fantastic for capturing beautiful shadows and that golden glow. On our last day, we managed to get some so-so shots of the elusive hooded mergansers. Without the advantage of hiding in a blind, the birds would disappear within a blink of an eye at the least bit of movement as we tried to approach them. But, before the end of the day, our patience and perseverance rewarded us by spotting a graceful lone swan who happened to be very photogenic! I will need to upgrade my hard drive soon to make room for all those photos.

The work in progress below is what I started this past weekend. I know some of you will frown; starting yet another painting when I have so many to complete! I do have a good reason...due to lack of working space at the painting retreat, I could only bring something manageable in terms of size...since I only have larger paintings at the moment to work on, I had to quickly sketch something much smaller.

8x10, pastel on sandpaper; 2 days work

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