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Monday, November 9, 2009

Deer painting blues...

Just when I thought I could tackle this painting again, I've been hit with a wave of frustration. I guess I should have known better than to paint when I felt tired...I am just feeling so lost in all those leaves and I just can't concentrate!!!!!
Part of the problem is I know there is so little left to do on this piece and want to finish it so bad since I purchased a wonderful frame for it. Oh, and not to mention I want to move on to another piece right??!

Some thoughts so far... I like the dark area unde the log and will add some darker foliage to give illusion of depth. The angled stump on the far bottom left I feel I should round the top off perhaps instead of extending to the edge...not sure yet.
Then, the light foliage in front of the deer is too much of the same value. Need to figure out how to approach that area. Might add some various shades of browns to break the green.
Best if I sit back and think on this one.


  1. you are so close Collette and I love the way it is coming. As a suggestion-what if you alternated a little shadow into the leaves under the deer to change the value of them a little. Make it a litle more interesting.
    I have the same problem when working on a highly detailed piece. I get so close to the end and somehow loose a lot of the interest I had when I started. It is at that point that I swallow hard and methodically get back into it.

  2. I understand your struggle, Colette; it can be very difficult to focus through those monotonous parts. I am dealing with similar issues right now, and am really trying to push myself through it.........ARRRGGGHHHH.

  3. Thanks for your encouragement and comments fellas...I will take a deep breath and try to relax as I figure out what to do next.