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Monday, November 2, 2009

Miniature Dachshund Drawing-Montage completed!

12"x22", graphite pencil

portrait detail

This montage portrait offers a glimpse into the life of Molly the dachshund. The top two poses represent Molly as what she did best...spending most of her time comfortably snuggled on a cushion or blanket as she snoozed for most of the day. The bottom poses depict Molly in a more lively mood; one at play and the other (full body pose) showing off the look she gave her master as she patiently waited for supper. The larger, more detailed middle pose shows off Molly sporting a sweet expression, all the while still cuddled in a blanket. There is much more emphasis on her big, beautiful eyes and textured nose and the fine details of her soft, short and shinny fur.

Despite the hard work and many, many hours to complete this dog drawing, it is very rewarding for me to be able to bring a little piece of Molly back to her owners. May the love and kindness Molly brought to their lives stay in their hearts forever.


  1. Colette, you client will be over the moon when they see this - it looks terrific!

    It seems a convenient time to remind you of the comment you made several posts ago, the last time you updated us on your moose drawing. You said "I've vowed not to start another painting until I finish this one"!

  2. Thanks Peter, I too hope the client and his wife (it is a gift for her) will be pleased with it.
    ...and yes, I know, I know,the zebra, the moose, the deer paintings and hidden in my armoire, a rhino drawing in pencil and then I started a pencil drawing of the parliament building in Ottawa! None of them finished yet! Go figure.

  3. Oh, they will be thrilled when they see this! You've captured so much love in this little dog, Colette. Beautiful!!!