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Friday, December 18, 2009

A new bird painting on the easel!

pastel on sandpaper, size 8.5" x 11"

After much contemplation and sifting through the hundreds of photos taken from our trip to Florida, it was decided that this was the next composition I was to attempt to paint (with some changes to the ref photo).

These birds were photographed at Disney's Animal Kingdom and I believe they are of two different species of spoonbills; the white spoonbill and the pink/roseate spoonbill (immature).

I am hoping this will be one of my Christmas holiday projects to help me unwind during the busy holiday season (argh!). I will also be working on my next colored pencil commission for the US Pentagon Police K-9 Explosions Detection Unit . I'll be unveiling the mock-up of that piece shortly!


  1. What a perfect composition and subject for a drawing or painting! Looking forward to see this finished...I think it will be wonderful!

  2. Beautiful! Great picture for Florida.

  3. Thanks Christine and Mary. I'm looking forward to working on the least I think so!

  4. Looking great Colette! The birds' light plumage against the dark background is really going to make this one jump off the paper.

  5. Peter, I hope they don't scare anyone in the process! Thanks for droping in!