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Saturday, January 9, 2010

A bit more bird painting work...

I have been doing more feather work on this painting tonight. I'm loving how the pink bird is starting to take a more 3 dimensional shape with the feathers looking rather ruffled. I'm thinking of darkening the tail feathers still a bit more to give the impression that the light is coming from above but I'll wait till the painting is more advanced to make a decision.

Next I should really draw his of them is tucked underneath the body with only the toes showing but I'm wondering if that will interfere with the other bird's head, being that it is in that same small area. Need to think about that too before continuing.


  1. Really enjoying this piece. The first bird is really starting to pop, lovely 3D work.

    It will be interesting to see the difference in the 2 species .

    Love the BG recedes beautifully behind the birds.

  2. Oh forgot to mention..I am at last trying out the drafting film. Love it. I am doing a blue tongue lizard.

    I am having fun. and love the way you can erase on the film. although I wouldn't think you could do too much erasing.

    Thank you Colette.

  3. I really appreciate your comments Doreen, thanks for following. Actually, I decided to make the 2 birds the same species; one immature and the other adult.

    Glad you love the drafting film. Will check out your blog to see the lizard!