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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Peacock mania!!

I have been inspired with peacocks lately...not sure if it is the attraction to the iridescent feathers or small size of the painting! This is yet another pastel on suede (has to be one of my favorite mediums/support), size about 5" x 3".
This time, I started with the background first which seemed to work best for me today. I think I will entitle the painting "Crown Jewel" as it seems fitting since the painting is focused on this peacock's beautifuly crowned head. Watch for the next steps as I "crown" my peacock king!


  1. Wow Colette! What a beautiful start you have on this peacock! How on earth do you use pastels on such a small piece!?!?! You must use pastel pencils. If so, which brand do you use?


  2. Thank you ladies and gentlemen! I'll actually be posting the progress shortly...

    Nancy I do use pencil pastels: mainly a combination of Carb Othello, Faber Castel and also Rembrant pieces for this peice. If I can't find a suitable color in one set, I use another (also use Gioconda, Derwent and NuPastel)!