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Monday, April 12, 2010

Spoonbill pastel painting nearing completion...

I am very happy that this painting is nearly finished! At times, I felt like abandoning this piece as I was getting frustrated at working at all those feathers!! Of course, it would have helped immensely if my original reference photograph would have been in focus to show the finer details. This is where I lose much time (and patience!!) trying to get the details and most importantly, the feathers just right.

I still have to sit back and really look at this painting for a while before I can say I am finished with it as I am tempted to go back and fix a few areas already. This is the stage I most dislike because I tend to want to frame it so that I no longer will have to work on it again! But then, I sometimes unframe a drawing or painting to fix something I find is just not right (how annoying is that?) since after looking at it for so long hanging on my wall, the faults seem to scream out at me to fix them. It is so hard to satisfy a perfectionist!

On another note, I will be working on the gorilla drawing tonight...a nice change from inhaling that pastel dust...


  1. Colette this is a beautiful piece of art. The level of detail you achieve in your work is amazing. No wonder you have to be so patient!!

  2. Spoonbills are such an odd contradiction. Exquisite plummage, and a grotesque head. When I paint, I turn the painting to face the wall when I am not working on it. Then I look at it in the mirror before I start work again. That shows me the flaws. When it looks right in the mirror, it is finished. Your spoonbill pastel looks great.

  3. Gorgeous painting Colette!! Fantastic detail. I've missed a few of these updates, could you please tell me what you used to blend the pastels? You've got an incredibly smooth look.


  4. Sally I appreciate your comments, thank you! They say patience is a virtue but which I sometimes lack, especially nearing the end of a painting.

    John, thanks for your kind words and for sharing your tips about the mirror. I too do that from time to time when I can't seem to find what is "off" on a piece.

    Nancy, I've been using different types of pastels on sandpaper and blending with color shapers and soft applicators (like the one's you put on eye makeup). Thanks for commenting and for your compliments!