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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New Graphite pencil drawing of horses

I needed another pencil drawing to bring along to work on during "wait" times. Since working with graphite requires minimal equipment, it is perfectly suited for my grab-and-go sittings.

I'll be leaving for 3 weeks for a well deserved trip across the Eastern US with our final destination being Fl. An exciting stop along the way will be at the US Pentagon to meet and visit with one of my clients and his K9 partner Kira. Many of you will remember the US Pentagon portrait with the police k9's I worked on last is not often that I get to meet my online clients so this will be a nice surprise for all of us.

See you all soon and keep on painting!



  1. A warm thank you Tina. I appreciate you taking the time to view and comment on my blog.

  2. How wonderful, Colette, that you are going to meet Kira and his partner! The US Pentagon Portrait is a masterpiece! Have a fabulous vacation! I can't tell you how much I enjoy visiting your blog and watching you work! Thank you so much for sharing! Bring your sunscreen - we're already pretty warm here in Florida!

  3. This is going to be a great piece. I love your design. Crown Jewel sure came out nice too.

  4. Oh la-la! I can't wait to see this one done. It's already looking great! The peacock and Sheppard commission are great also, but you know me, I'm partial to horses.

  5. Thank you Rosemary! I had a chance to view your blog and your wonderful oil paintings! I will definetely return to see more of your work. The Pentagon visit was amazing...and yes, Florida was so hot and humid we practically lived at the beach!

    Gary, thanks for following my postings and commenting. I truly appreciate it!!

    Carole, your love of horses shows in your paintings. BTW, I love your recent horse painting on the wooden chair! It is AMAZING!! Thanks for droping by.