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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Framed cat pastel portrait

Thought I should share how I am presenting the cat portrait. I added a 3/4" mat and lifted the pastel from behind the mat so that any accumulating dust falls behind the mat. This is usually standard practice when framing pastels. I'd also like to mention that I did not use a spray fixative on this particular pastel. I do, however, like to give a light spraying of fixative when I ship unframed pastel work.


  1. The framed "Tabby Cat" portrait looks fabulous, this will be such a beautiful gift to receive.

    Judy, Aus.

  2. Thanks Judy! I really loved the frame and thought it complimented the portrait well...hope the new owners think the same.

  3. Lovely job Colette. Love the pastel cat portrait. and the frame suits so well.

    Love it.

  4. Wonderful work Colette. I just love that kittie!

  5. A lovely portrait and it looks great in that frame.

    I keep seeing work completed on suedeboard but can't find a stockist in the UK. Is it simply the 'mount/mat' board used by framers or something else?

  6. Sue, I appreciate your comments; thank you!
    The suedboard I use is the same one used by framers (archival suede matboard). You might ask a local framer to give you a sample piece to try out...I'm certain you'll love it! At over 40$ a sheet, it's really expensive though.