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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Boxer portrait commission and Rosie update

Here's the latest on my easel...a lovely boxer posing for her beloved master! I can't reveal her name just yet as this is a surprise for someone's birthday. I'll be using several photographs of her to get the coat tones just right since the above photograph was a bit washed out due to the camera's flash (I retouched the eyes using Photoshop).

This is an update of Rosie's almost finished portrait; the border collie/lab cross. I've been working on her front legs/feet and trying to get better reference photos from the owner (as well as from my own reference library). The white feet on the original photo are really white and show virtually no detail.


  1. I have to start with the eyes first also .... it helps to 'bond' with the subject doesn't it.

    She's a lovely dog and I look forward to watching progress

  2. I think for me it is more of a matter of confidence...if I don't get the eyes right, then there is a feeling I can't continue.