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Friday, October 29, 2010

Sudbury Star Article

I'm pleased to say that I was recently interviewed by Sudbury Star reporter Rita Poliakov regarding my trip to the US Pentagon last spring in light of the commission I received from the Police Canine Explosive Detection Unit. To read the article "Local Artist Gets Top-Rank Commission" please click here:

In November of 2009, I was contacted by Officer Philip Sherman, member of the Pentagon Force Protection Agency, Special Operations Division to create the artwork that featured k-9 dogs from their unit.

You can read more about the artwork on my website here:


  1. A very well written article, and an amazing opportunity for you to get even more name recognition. I hope many more good things will come your way because of it!
    The Canine police dog portraits you did are wonderful! You do such good work!!


  2. What a wonderful privelege Colette.

    Your finished artwork is excellent but the whole experience must be one you'll always treasure - well done you!