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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Cow Moose Painting Revisited

After too many lonely months of being stored unfinished in my "studio", I decided to tackle this larger moose painting again in the hopes of completing it for my upcoming show next weekend. I've had many ups and downs with this piece mainly because it is made up, in part, of several different reference photos as well as my imagination.

First thing I did was to remove a bunch of branches with yellow leaves near the top left corner, just above the smaller moose's back. After much contemplation and rethinking, I decided it was just too distracting and competed with the main subjects. Such is the beauty of pastel...a few swipes of base color to hide the mess and I'm free to repaint a new forest!

I still have a few remaining touches but it should be framed and hanging by the end of the week!

Now, to find a title...


  1. I think moose make wonderful subjects for painting. Good luck with your upcoming show.

  2. Thanks John...I'm hoping that we don't get a bloody snow storm that weekend!

  3. Looks great Colette. About time too!

  4. Thanks Peter! Nice to hear from you again!! Where have you disapeared all this time? Hope all is well!

  5. Stunning, love the colours and composition, great characters:)