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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Duck and water continued...

It always amazes me how much detail can be present in water. Unfortunately, it is not until you start to paint that you realize how much work it will be! There is so much movement in this scene; the complicated ripples, waves and splashes are what seem to attract me! And then more feathers to top it off!
My challenge word for 2011 is PERSEVERE and that is what I fully intend to do!


  1. I agree with on the water detail. you can just keep going and finding more and more.
    Perseverance is good it pushes us to higher levels. Not that you could go much higher. Your work is brilliant.

    This is stunning Colette. came up a little dark on my screen but I see the detail.

  2. Doreen, I can't say thank you enough for all your kind compliments!!

  3. Your water is very realistic .. this is shaping up to be another fantastic work. Look forward to watching progress

  4. I appreciate your comment Sue, thanks!