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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mallard Duck Painting in Pastel

Here is my finished female mallard painting:

Mallard Duck Painting in pastel

Title: "Take-Off"
Medium: Pastel
Support: Archival suede board
Size: 19" x 9"

And here's a close up of details:
Female mallard painting close up in pastel
read more about this duck painting on my website:


  1. I really like it Colette. You have really captured the feeling of taking off the water

  2. More excellent work. I especially love the way you handled the splash. Personally I feel that painting the subtle patterns of female ducks is much more interesting than the males.

  3. Ah, thanks guys! I actually had fun painting this one...not too many frustrations so that's an improvement!

  4. Lovely work Colette, there is a real sense of movement.

  5. Glad you like it Gayle...I can't wait to see your amur leopard finished!

  6. I can almost see this duck taking off the sense of movement as Gayle says. Perfect, love it Colette.

  7. What drew me to paint this scene was indeed the movement. I am happy that my painting was able to convey that feeling. Thanks Dors for your comment.

  8. Stunning Colette. Love the way you have done the water!

  9. Cheers Sally! I appreciate your feedback!