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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sphynx (Hairless) Cat Painting in Pastel

Sphynx Hairless Cat Portrait in Pastel

Title: Teeky

Medium: Pastel

Support: Archival Suede Board

Size: 8" x 10"


read more about this cat portrait on my website:


sue said...

Beautiful portrait. Must confess I prefer fluffy cats, but he/she looks very regal - lovely pose!

Sjamesportraiture said...

beautiful, so graceful, great portraiture very subtle.

Peter Brown said...

Terrific result Colette!

Dors said...

Beautiful job Colette. Great BG Teeky really pops and the frame is perfect for it.

Love it.

Colette Theriault said...

Sue, Sarah, Peter and Dors, thank you kindly!!

Lene said...

What a cat! - you did a great portrait of it

Anonymous said...

Just love it, Colette. You've captured her very distinguished regal pose.

Colette Theriault said...

Thank you!!