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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Next Dog Commission

I have paused working on the horse portrait as I wait word from the client in regards to the background. In the mean time, I thought I'd share a few work in progress steps of one of my Christmas commissions. I've decided to use black sandpaper as a support for the pastel since the dog is mainly black. I love working light over dark and jump at the opportunity to do so.

Any guesses as to the breed? It is not a Lab.


  1. Looking good Colette! If I was a dog, I'd choose you to paint my portrait.

  2. First thoughts were definitely 'black lab' but the muzzle is longer so I'd guess Great Dane?

    You've made me rethink my next Xmas commission (black lab). Had planned on not putting in a background and using light grey pastelmat .. but having seen this, I'm having second thoughts.

    Beautiful work

  3. Peter, that is sweet and made me chuckle this morning. Thank you.

    Sue, sorry but it is not a great Dane alhough that is a very good guess. and Thanks!

  4. Colette!! Awesome painting! I never thought to paint on black paper. I always said ..I would love to see you paint!! I was going to say a Great Dane but see that he's, now I'm curious and will wait patiently!!