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Friday, October 14, 2011

Today's studio work

Seems the rainy weather is keeping me inside again today which turns out to be a good thing. This means I am not tempted to leave the studio and avoid what needs to be done! The distractions of working at home can become too great at times and it takes much discipline to keep on track.  With that said, here is where the American Eskimo montage portrait is at. I am almost done the central pose with only a few more touch ups to do then I move to the last smaller pose.


  1. i can see a wonderful painting but i can? wait, i'm impatient

  2. Beautiful..Colette! Love this WIP!!

  3. Looking Fantastic! My mother has an american Eskie, they really have unique personalities and very alert and smart, not to mention agile. You have really captured them well