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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dog portrait progress

I am so excited to have started working on the second dog! While the coat color is different than the lab, it does provides me with the opportunity to apply a different technique to recreate the fur thus avoiding monotony.
 The texture and pattern on the sofa will probably be the most challenging aspect of this piece so I reserve that for last. I have included the reference photo so that you can see the transformation of the "flash eye" effect that ruins so many pet photos. I did use a few other reference photos of the dog that were taken outside in natural light (showing much better eye detail) to help me capture the likeness of his eyes.


  1. DARN! you are good!! It's great to see the reference picture as well. It's coming along beautifully Colette!!!

  2. This one is showing some real positive potential. I look forward to seeing the completed piece.

  3. I appreciate your visits and comments Hilda and John. Nice to hear from you's.