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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tabby Cat commission

Oh, how I LOVE my new pastel storage taboret! I feel like my studio is so much more organized and easier to work in. The only drawback is that all the drawers are full...

Switching from different mediums can be challenging but can also offer a refreshing break.
Here's what's on my agenda for this week; a brown tabby cat portrait in pastel that has very recently passed away. The client informs me that she was almost 18 years old which is very old for a house cat. Unlike the thousands of cats living in shelters and on the streets, she was one of the lucky few that was adopted. Please spay/neuter your pets and consider adopting your best friend from your local shelter.


  1. I can see already that this is going to be beautiful. I was hoping to zoom on it, but it didn't for some reason...! I look forward to your next post, Colette.

  2. Hilda thank you! I fixed the zoom problem...I had to re-upload and it should work now.

  3. What a cutie. Looking great so far. Love those eyes.