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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hooded Merganser (male) Painting in Pastel...revisited

Update: thanks to everyone who commented and suggested the painting was fine as it was. However, it was bugging me so much that I just had to change the reflection (the head in the water was competing with the rest  of the bird imo). While I was at it, decided to add more blue highlights in the lighter bands in the water...I think now I can finally call it done!-----

Although I love my large format flatbed scanner, I find there is always a need for color adjusting. I suspect this is due to the lamp casting a yellow hue on the painting as it scans across the glass. Nonetheless, it is a time consuming process and wish that the final image would match the actual painting more closely.  The image below is a good representation however some of the detail in the black areas are lost, mostly on the bird's face.
I will leave this painting for a few days and then look at it with fresh eyes to see if some tweaking is in order. I will most likely be reducing/reshaping  the width of the black outer border of the bird's crest in the reflection.  It seems to be too distracting for some reason.
Hooded Merganser (male)
pastel on archival suede
Reference image for duck painting


  1. Ik vind hem heel mooi! Vooral de weerspiegeling in het water!

  2. A winner!! It doesn't look like it needs tweaking! Beautifully painted, Colette!!

  3. Looking at the painting with objective eyes, the black border on the duck's head is not distracting. It looks very natural to me. Good work.

  4. vriendelijk dank je wel!

    Thank you Hilda and John...I did find the vegetation in the background gave me a hard time, they always seem to!

    I am very tempted to make the reflection different...

  5. I agree with Hilda & John.

    Love it and the water reflections are superb.
    Nice to see you are using your 'Artistic License"