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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bird portrait in progress

I have been wanting to paint/draw a hummingbird ever since I can remember. These little marvels of nature are true gems; not only in appearance but also in the way they amuse and entertain me each time they visit my garden and feeders.  Patience (and standing completely still for sometimes 15 minutes at a time or longer) is key to getting them to come close enough in range for the camera...then throw in some luck and it is possible to get good, clear shots of them.  Here is the start of what I might call "Knight in Shining Armor".  I am using colored pencil on Fabriano paper.

Hummingbird paintings by Colette Theriault


  1. What a great subject, and I love the title too! I was wondering why you chose colored pencil for this drawing?

  2. Laurene, although I was dying to use pastel, I decided to vary the medium due to an upcoming juried show I am entering...Thanks for commenting and I will be keeping this title!

  3. SO beautiful so far...Colette. They are such beautiful birds. I look forward to your next post!

  4. Hilda, I truly appreciate you visiting my blog as well as your kind comments. Thank you!