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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ruby-throated hummingbird drawing

I am not quite sure how I will be cropping/mounting the drawing yet so that explains why I left the white border. Initially, I thought of  placing the hummingbird higher up on the page but now I think he will be offset towards the bottom and a bit to the right when I mount it to the mat.

I hope you enjoyed following the progress of this piece!

ruby-throated hummingbird avian drawings and paintings by Colette Theriault

"Knight in Shining Armor" 

ruby-throated hummingbird (male)

size: 5" x 7"

medium: colored pencil


  1. A winner! The colors are so beautiful, Colette! Excellent painting!!

  2. A wonderful job, as usual.

  3. Lovely! The colours are so fresh and bright. Best of luck with the juried show

  4. I can't say that this is a potential "winner", but I hope at least it gets accepted into the show. Thanks for the wishes and comments!