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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Border Collie Portrait in pastel

It seems I forgot to post an update of this finished pet portrait commission; my apologies to my followers!!

This charming and playful dog is actually a border collie/German shepherd cross. As a pup, she was rescued after being hit by a vehicle and suffered a broken leg. When she was well enough to be adopted, she was lucky to have found a very loving home in Minnesota (her new owner drove over 14 hours to get her).

Now that she is all grown up, her owner wanted to portray the boundless energy, charisma and charm of her best friend with this unique portrait. Believe it or not, a total of 5 photos were used to create this composition, which included replacing the head on the body with one from another photo.

 I hope you enjoyed watching this portrait develop as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Border Collie Pet Portrait Painting by Colette Theriault
Border Collie/German Shepherd Portrait
18" x 14"