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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Horse painting progress: adding the muzzle

At this stage, the horse is finally coming to life now that his muzzle has been painted! There is still lots more work to do as I begin on the beautifully dappled neck. Let's just hope the pattern doesn't drive me crazy!
Equine portraits by Colette Theriault


  1. It's really starting to look good, like everything you do. I'll be interested to see how you tackle the dappling.
    I'm working, (very slowly) on a large painting of wild Mustangs. It won't be finished for a month or more.

  2. Thanks for your comments John. I am looking forward to seeing your new painting!

    I've already begun the fur on the neck and from the look of things, I might be at it for a while...will be posting more updates.

  3. This is coming along beautifully, Colette! This one is going to be amazing.