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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Monarch Butterfly Painting in Pastel

This lovely monarch is feeding on the sweet nectar of the common milkweed flower. These butterflies are truly amazing to watch as they flutter and putter about in masses around patches of milkweed.  An even more impressive sight is the annual winter migration to wintering sites in Mexico where thousands upon thousands huddle together on trees in huge clusters, in some cases, completely covering the trunks.
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Monarch Butterfly Painting in Pastel by Award Winning Animal Artist Colette Theriault
Adult Monarch on Common Milkweed
(Danaus plexippus) and (Asclepias syriaca)


Maria said...

No wonder it's already "sold". It's beautiful!.

marc calvo said...

Colette,did you prove to make insectes with oil or acrylic paintings?.

Colette Theriault said...

Thank you Maria!
Marc, although I have worked with oils or acrylic before, I prefer pastels because of their versatility!

hmuxo said...

Congratulations on selling this piece, Colette!! It's absolutely beautiful..wonderful job!!!

Colette Theriault said...

Hilda, thank you! The butterfly series were commissioned pieces from my collection of photographs that I
used as references.