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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Limited Edition Prints Anyone?

Well, it has been a busy week getting a whole bunch of limited edition giclée prints ready and framed for display at a local frame shop. The store should be well stocked and ready for pre-Christmas sales.

Prints and cards are also available for purchase through my website here:  If you are interested in a print of a particular piece of art, simply drop me an email and I will advise you of the total cost and if it is available.

Since I print on-demand, practically any of my pieces can be turned into prints because it is easier on the pocket book (I don't have to order 100's of identical prints at once for any particular artwork).

  Who said artists' job is to only paint and draw??

I took some studio time today to add the background to the Golden Retriever painting so here she is so far:
Golden Retriever Painting in progress
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