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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Painting of Northern Cardinal (male) in pastel

I love painting birds but I find the feathers are a challenge to render with pastels on sandpaper. I am resisting the temptation to go back and tweak a few tufts of cheek feathers as I am never truly satisfied...

"Dressed in Scarlet"
Northern Red Cardinal
4" x 6"
 Available for Purchase


  1. You finished this Cardinal so beautifully, Colette! He's amazing!!

  2. We don't have Cardinals in England so its a treat to see such a lovely pastel Colette.

    Hope you think of a suitable title soon ... I'm hopeless at naming my pictures LOL

  3. Thank you Sue! Unfortunately, cardinals aren't very common here in Sudbury, but I did manage to see one at my feeder on one rare occasion!