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Friday, January 24, 2014

Forest wolf painting update

Well, I'm finally back at work on this big painting of mine. After spending nearly a week working on re-designing a whole new website (not quite done yet), I felt I could hear the wolf calling me to finish painting him.

Previously, I had completed the front leg and foot but did not post the update due to troubles with blogger again.
On this step I darkened the back leg and added the back foot of the wolf. Then I slowly and painstakingly began to add the short grasses and some ground debris that make up the forest floor. And yeah, I still have to go back and make some touch ups on the fur...but no worries, I am used to that!


hmuxo said...

Beautiful so far, Colette. I love how you darkened the wolf's back shows he's coming out of the shade... I hope I'll be able to still get to your site after the change.... change scares me...LOL

Colette Theriault said...

My intention is to have the wolf coming out of the shadows so I am happy to hear I'm on the right track! TY, and don't worry, I'm not changing my blog, it is my main website I am working on.