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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Flat Coated Retriever Dog Portrait Painting in Pastel

Words truly cannot express the feelings I experience when the client unwraps their portrait and I get to see their reaction as they finally view it in person for the first time. I often find it overwhelming actually, that through my artistic creations I am able to evoke intense mixed reactions of comfort, joy, sadness and perhaps even closure for the owners as they remember their cherished pet. This, in addition to the heartfelt comments I receive, indicate to me that I indeed succeeded in portraying the animal's true character and likeness... just reward for my efforts.

pastel on suede
Commissioned Portrait


  1. Colette, this is so amazingly realistic. They will love it I am sure.

  2. Thank you so much Carol for your compliment! The client was moved to tears which resulted in me ending up shedding a tear or two.

  3. I would've been in tears as well, Colette! This is absolutely gorgeous! Damn, you're good!!!!!
    I have to say I can't believe this was only 11x14...It looks like it would have been a larger painting! LOVE, LOVE it!!!!Congratulations!!!

  4. How kind of you to say Hilda! I want you to know I appreciate your comments and for taking the time to write.

  5. Beautiful work Colette. Its a strange life being a portrait artist isn't it ... we measure success by our clients' tears ;-)