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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

An artist's life...not always what it seems.

Much to my chagrin, an artist's job revolves around doing so many other things other than paint or draw. As self-employed individuals, we sometimes have to wear many "hats" to help ensure a good functioning of the business.  This might include things like bookkeeping, accounting, advertising, follow ups, grant applications, stocking of materials and supplies, framing, field work, social networking, workshops, websites, promotions, and the list goes on!

While I don't do all of  these things everyday (although some are routine), focusing on actual painting time is not always easy because personal life, well, that often becomes priority too! I've realized I am still learning on how to manage time more efficiently, and organize and prioritize tasks to achieve a healthy compromise and become more productive.

It will be an interesting 2015; I know it will be different than last year.

On that note, I leave you with a glimpse of my first project of the year...a commission of a well known and loved breed of dog. Guesses anyone?


  1. This pooch is absolutely adorable already, Colette... it looks like a golden retriever those eyes and can't wait to see the rest of this ... Wonderful start for 2015.

  2. Those are lovely eyes, Colette. The look an awful lot like a golden retriever's eyes to me!

  3. OOPs, I should of clarified that the image is the ref photo!
    I will be posting an actual update of the work soon.
    Thanks for dropping by ladies and you will see what pup breed this is as it progresses ;)

  4. I know exactly what you mean on your post Colette, sometimes my brain is too tired doing other things I can't paint :(
    I'd say possibly a Rough Collie :)