Monday, March 19, 2018

Canadian Lynx portrait, painting in pastels by Colette Theriault

I created this painting for my "Drawn to Nature" solo Exhibit at Artists on Elgin which took place the month of April 2017. On opening day, I was stoked to find out a collector had walked in first thing in the morning and purchased this pensive pose of a Canada lynx. What a wonderful surprise to wake up to!
The reference image for this piece was photographed by myself, while on one of the many field excursion trips. I generally take all my own reference images because that way, I'm assured the painting or drawing I create from them will be original.
I hope you like my rendition of one of Canada's most majestic wildlife, one of two of our native wild cats.
Until next time, stay warm!

"Deep in Thought"
Canadian Lynx
pastel painting


  1. This is breathtaking Colette! I can certainly see why it sold. Knowing that it was an original photo taken by you, makes it even more special!!!

  2. Thanks very much you two! I'm slowly adding all the pieces from my show...stay tunned!

  3. Beautiful work Colette. I love the tufts on the ears!

  4. Sue, thanks very much! I love the tufts too!