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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Manx short haired tabby cat pet portrait painting

I was asked to create a portrait of this handsome kitty and was so very thrilled when I saw this striking pose. Head held high, eyes full of life, what is not to love about this cat portrait?

Max is a short haired manx (tailess) cat with lovely tabby markings and a white chest. His glowing green eyes are the center of attention and were my favorite part to draw.

I used mostly pastel pencils to create this painting...a touch of NuPastels only for the darkest blacks and whitest whites.

His owner was very pleased at the results of his portrait and I'm hoping Max will like it too. You can follow the progress of my works on a daily basis on my Facebook Animal Artistry page

Portrait of "Max" 
commission (sold)


  1. Wow looks great! I love painting animals too so I appreciate your skill!

  2. Natascha, that's so very kind; thank you!

  3. Gorgeous work Colette!! It looks very realistic...