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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The final stretch...

I can't believe that I am almost there! Usually, I tend to want to work on the main subjects of a painting first and then work on the background/foreground. Many times, I get bored after I completed the animals and want to quit (like what happened with my cow moose pastel) and work on something else. I'm glad I approached this piece as I did, working rather methodically by filling the "canvas" area. Of the whole painting, it is the dried up dead leaves on the ground that is taking me the longest to complete.
Thanks to all who patiently read and comment on my many updates of the squirrel portrait. I feel the end is finally near...


  1. Yay, almost finished! All the hard work on those leaves is going to be well worth it!

  2. Unbelievable attention to detail! Wonderful!

  3. Beuatiful Colette, bet you are so pleased with how this has turned out, the last stretch now and you'll be home dry!

  4. It really is a great piece Colette. well worth the time and patience you have put into it but then isn't everything worth what we put into what we do.
    Congratulations on a work of art you can be very proud of.

  5. Wow, thanks so much everybody! I'm happy to see it turn out the way it did after all that work and that people appreciate the piece.
    Now, if only I can get this last bit done...gotta get in that mood again!