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Friday, June 26, 2009

More snow and a bit of moss

After a while, I felt this painting needed some "lift-me-up" color since there's so much rust, orange and brown. The blue/greys of the collecting buckets and the light snow still did not seem to do it so I decided to add a bit of greenery to the painting in the form of moss on the rotting stump. Subsequently, I found that all that green was too much in one place and so I added a bit of moss to the large maple tree trunk in the foreground to balance the color elements better.

In this step I also decided to lighten the stump as the dark contrast of the shadows was pulling they eye towards it to strongly. Then I added a small clump of melting snow near the base of the stump, again to better balance the major elements of the scene and make it more visually pleasing. At least, that is what I am attempting to achieve...


  1. This is coming along so beautifully. I like the additional color added by the moss. This is going to be a fantastic finished painting!

  2. I think it is coming along just great. It is really working

  3. Beautiful Colette, good to see you still hard at it