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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Labradoodle dog portrait commission

I loved creating this graphite/charcoal pet portrait of Coco, the black Labrador-standard poodle cross. I almost entirely used 8B graphite (almost charcoal in consistency and darkness) for this artwork.
The messy semi-curly fur and the highlights of the black fur were the most interesting and fun parts to do...until I decided it was best to color her tongue pink and add some subtle brown highlights to her muzzle and color her eyes brown. I just could not get myself to draw the tongue and eyes in shades of grey and so I convinced the client she would look more lively with the added coloring.
So now, I guess this drawing would be best described as a "colored pencil enhanced graphite dog portrait". Size 10"x10".


  1. He is absolutely fantastic! great job.

  2. Thanks Krista! I am hoping the client will like it too.

  3. Colette, we have a black miniature schnauzer I promise myself I'll draw one day, but all that black fur means it's in the "too hard" basket. Looks like you accomplished this one with ease - great work!

    Now, get back to those squirrels!