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Monday, February 15, 2010

Pentagon Building drawing update

It's hard to believe the amount of time I spent simply sketching the layout of the Pentagon building...I lost track somewhere after about 3-4hrs. This is such a complicated structure that I have to consult several different reference photographs almost every few seconds just to ensure that I am drawing it correctly and to scale. Proportions and exactness are everything in this piece!


  1. An admirable undertaking, Colette. This piece is looking wonderful. I appreciate the challenge of what you are doing.

  2. Colette, this is going to be amazing. I hope your client is paying you HEAPS. If only we could charge by the hour!

  3. Thanks Lynda and Peter! I'm actually enjoying the challenge of not doing strictly fur. The geometric shapes of the building are quite the contrast to the randomness seen in nature.

  4. Just beautiful Colette. I know your client will be thrilled.

    I have a lovely Sunshine Award for you. You can pick it up at my blog site.