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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Canadian Parliament Building Ottawa Drawing update

I last worked on this piece before Christmas. Now that my daughter has started her night classes again, I have some time to devote to finish this drawing while I wait for her. The teacher was kind enough to let me work in a spacious lounge which has bright lighting and several large tables. Probably another 6-8 hours or so of work left before I am able to frame and hang this one. The tiny details on the building take forever and are getting hard on my eyes!!


Dors said...

I have seen this building Collette when we visited Canada 5 yrs ago.
It's nice to recognise it.

Great job wow all the detail. I will really look forward to seeing the finished work.
lovely work Colette

Colette Theriault said...

Thank you Doreen! I still have to find a good ref photo for my birds up on top right corner of the archway but I'll keep that for last.

M S Stanley said...

Lovely work, Colette. I'm painting parts of buildings myself and I'm always surprised how the most ordinary view is transformed through the use of our brushes and pencils!