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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Drawing the Peace Tower (Canadian Parliament in Ottawa)

Size 11" x 15", graphite pencil

In getting ready for my fall exhibition, I was able to finish one more piece of artwork today. While it is true that this creation is not what I traditionally paint or draw, I still did manage to add a little bit of wildlife in the drawing. I just could not resist!
Now to the task of framing and then finding a suitable title.
For those of you who are wondering, the reference photo was taken through the arches of the East Block.


  1. Lovely detail! (I was once told off at art college for putting in too much detail.Huh, some "teachers"!)
    Do you ever use a stump to blend areas of gray?

  2. Superbly rendered. I love this piece. You are just so talented in all you so. so professional.

  3. MS, I appreciate your comments, Thank you! Yes, I use stumps, tortillions, Q-tips, chamois and kleenex tissue to blend areas. Depending on the shade or effect, I'll use a particular tool.
    Dors, you are just as talented! Your comments make me blush!!

  4. Your police dog series are just outstanding, Colette. And this is superbly done. you are certainly versatile.
    Great job.