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Friday, February 26, 2010

Super small print!

I don't think I've ever had to reproduce something so small, especially text. The only part that was impossible for me to draw legibly were the three minute stars above the eagle's head (inside the circular seal). Working at this size, I found it extremely difficult to draw each letter straight and to have all the letters in the text align perfectly. The text below the eagle/Pentagon inside the circle seal reads Semper Vigilans translated to English means "Always on Watch", which is the last part I am adding to the artwork.

For those of you who are wondering, the white text was firstly drawn using a light graphite pencil and then indented using a fine pointed tool. The blue color was applied using the side of a blue colored pencil lead to prevent from coloring inside the indentations.


  1. Top Job Colette! That small print would be so difficult.

  2. Gosh this could not of been easy,but you have done a fantastic job on it...methinks the only way to do the wording on such a small scale would be to indent....this really is a great piece of work.

  3. I am blown away by this! Can't imagine even trying to do the lettering! The entire piece is awesome.

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Blog Award. I doubt you have time for it, but wanted to direct everyone to your blog. You may pick it up from my blog - or just know your work and blogs are so deserving!

  4. Sally, Vic and Rosemary, thanks for droping in and for your kind comments. The tiny print is torture...trying to keep such small lines straight while drawing them freehand (is there any other way?) is near impossible!
    Rosemary, that is very sweet of you to give me the award. Very appreciated!!