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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Peacock painting update

Living in northern Ontario, we are used to having outrageous weather patterns where one day it may be a balmy 26C only to be faced with a freak snowstorm the next. Therefore, I find it hard to stay indoors when the weather is sunny and warm and especially when there is work to do in the gardens. Today was such a day!
Despite this, I managed to sit and continue to work a little bit on this painting tonight. I've decided it was best for me to tackle the background before I continue on with the peacock's feathers. I tend to do this when one component of the painting is going well as this gives me the confidence to tackle the more challenging elements. Another reason is that the peacock's feathers have a "fluffy" appearance on one side of the neck that needs to be layered over the background.


  1. Wow, coming along great.
    I also like it that you started on the background.

  2. Thanks for dropping in and commenting on my blog Erik. I appreciate your comments!