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Friday, May 14, 2010

Meeting client at the Pentagon!!

Photo courtesy of Shannon Giles, The Department of Defense-PFPA/PAO-Public Affairs Office

Recognize the middle dog on the artwork?

In this photo taken at the Pentagon, I am seen with Officer P. Sherman and his dog K-9 Kira along with the framed artwork that was presented to Mr. Steven E. Calvery, Director of the US Pentagon Force Protection Agency. Special thank you to Officer Sherman for arranging the meeting and photography.


  1. Well done Colette! It looks fabulous framed like that.

  2. Way to go Colette! You look amazing sitting there at the Pentagon with your work. You should be so proud of yourself. I'm proud of you!!!

  3. Just super Collette. We all out here in blogger world are really proud of what you have done. well deserved recognition for your work.
    It truely does look fabulous.

  4. My sincere thank you's Sally, Carole and Gary. It was such a surreal experience, one I will not soon forget! I feel very fortunate indeed to have been part of this project.

  5. This is an awesome piece. I enjoyed following the process and now seeing you sat there is just wonderful.
    Congratulations on a job so wonderfully done.

    Proud of you.

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed the many updates Dors. Many thanks for following my blog; I truly appreciate your comments.