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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Horse Graphite Drawing: "The Three Amigos"

approx. 8"x10", graphite on Fabriano paper

I'm still debating whether to call this one done or not. You might notice the light area reflecting off the horse's coat (left) keeps pulling your eye seems the scanner picked up some reflection in that area, making it appear lighter than it actually is.

I'll hang this drawing somewhere where I can keep looking it at different angles and even try visualizing it's reflection in a mirror. The mirror trick always seems to fool my brain and helps me point out distracting areas on a piece more easily.


  1. I don't find the reflection to be very distracting. Great drawing, nice range of tones and I love the crop.

  2. Great work, lots of movement and life, well done!

  3. Thank you Erik and Sarah! I'v actually lightened the foremost horse's side a bit but overall, I think I'm going to leave it.