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Monday, January 10, 2011

A few more touch ups??

I decided to add the leaves at the bottom as I felt it might frame the subject rather nicely and further enhance the back lighting. However, I'm still contemplating changing the shape of the lighter blurred out leaves to the left of the egret's beak...something doesn't seem right to me there. I'll need to put this painting aside for a bit and back away until it speaks to me that it is finished or that I need to touch it up.


  1. you could perhaps crop the left side of the painting? ... your beautiful Egret would still be slightly offset because of his pose

    I love the light in his feathers - you've done an excellent job

  2. Thanks Sue, I was actually contemplating that but I want to avoid centering the bird. On the original ref photo, the bird was smack in the middle so I changed it on the painting.

  3. Do not dare crop the painting, it looks so good as is. At most I would put a few more leaves above the lower leaves to the left of the egret, just to give the bird a more substantial anchor.

  4. Fabulous job on this Colette. The detail is superb on the Egret.

    Maybe you could just darken those leaves to push them back just a little. but It all looks great to me.

    Love it.

  5. Thanks for your feedback and comments John and Dors. Great ideas! I'm still not sure though but I'll hang it up somewhere and give it a few days before I decide anything.

  6. One of my favourites Colette! Your birds are just always so amazing!