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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Almost done!

Creating feathers using pastel on sandpaper remains a challenge for me...I'll probably go over the right wing and rework it since I'm not totally satisfied with it. I feel like I am overworking this painting at this stage now and wish it were done!! I can barely add any more layers of pastel on the bird so a light coating of fixative is in order.

Once I'm satisfied with the bird, I still have a bit of greenery to add near the bottom to break the monotony of the background (and add some interest).


  1. Amazing work Colette. I don't know how you get such fine feathery lines.
    It looks awesome.

    This piece is just so inspiring. I love it.

  2. Thanks so much ladies...I need to push myself to finish this one!

  3. I can guess just how difficult it is doing that feather work with pastel. You are doing a magnificent job on it. Great work

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Gary...I'll keep hacking at it until I'm relatively satisfied and move on to the next project! Might try another paper next time.